Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Honey Bears & Bees

Nope, not the birds and the bees. Just bees and bears

My mom and I used to be really into porcelain dolls, particularly dolls by Marie Osmand. One year for Christmas she bought me the AdoraBelle Christmas doll. Dolls and little girls in frilly Christmas dresses are cute and all, but a doll in Christmas PJs, that is way more fun.

 Isn't she cute!

Well, if you're going to spend the money on a Marie Osmand full body porcelain doll, you really ought to enjoy it more than 1/12 of the year. So mom bought this really adorable coordinating Honey Bears and Bee fabric. It was going to make my little AdoraBelle an outfit for the rest of the year. She even got enough fabric to make a little quilt to match.
While my baby dolls and Barbies got huge wardrobes, AdoraBelle is still in her PJs.
I wanted to keep with the idea of making a doll outfit, but rather than a quilt, I turned our Honey Bears and Bees  into matching little girls' outfits.
So there is a dress/jumper for the girly girl. Very Southern, yes?

 And a top with shorts for the less girly girl (but with ruffles, so still pretty girly I guess). 

I really love this pattern because the back has elastic.
Between the elastic and the adjustable straps, this dress could fit your girl for years.  

And yes, we definitely need a cute hair flowers to match. 

I ran out of the Honey Bears, but still had a lot of Bees. Since I hadn't spent much money yet, I used my $2 to buy a little more fabric and finish the job. Not the cutest dress ever, but every scrap of this project is sewn!
Remember, if you would like to be the proud owner of a Honey Bears and Bees outfit, go the The Cotton Chronicles shop on Etsy.

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