About Us

My mum Ruthie has been sewing as long as she can remember. With six brother and sisters as her muses and mannequins, she never lacked inspiration. As her only daughter, I got her undivided attention when I became her sewing student. Her abilities are almost limitless.

After nearly 50 years of sewing for most everyone she knew, she had completed thousands of projects. But a handful never became the vision they were intended for. Still other had sizable leftovers that could be made into something, if only she had the time.

Her fabric collection came to look something like this:
That's not all of it, by the way. I found more as I went. 

Impressed? Overwhelmed? Well mom is the latter. She kept the projects she still wants to complete, I took home the rest! Now my garage is full of fabric with the goal of sewing it into something fabulous for you! Everything I make will be for sale on Etsy.

Join me as I continue my mum's legacy of sewing as an art and a passion. I will tell you the stories of how the fabric came to be in my life and you can make it a part of yours through The Cotton Chronicles Shop.

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