Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Rules

The amassed fabric collection has filled just over 12 (large) boxes and plastic bins. Since my sewing room is the same room as my nursery, most of these boxes reside in the garage. I only bring 3-4 projects in the house at a time to try and keep some measure of order and organization.

I'm just like every other procrastinator out there. I will always put off a project to the last minute. I did it in high school, I did it in college, I even did it in my post graduate studies and still got good grades throughout it all. I attribute this to working well under pressure. This being said, I'm going to have to apply some pressure to myself to complete this project. With no professor handing out a due date, all that fabric might still be there in 5 years . . .   Yikes!

Here are the 
Rules of The Cotton Chronicles:
#1 I have to complete at least 1 project a week
#2 The 12-ish boxes and bins must be down to 3 boxes and bins 18 months from now
#3 I am not allowed to spend more than $2.00 on additional materials to finish the project
#4 I have to use every scrap that is 8" x 11" or bigger. I can only throw it out if it is smaller than this.

Case in point: Watermelons!

This adorable fabric is left over from a time when Mom and I were really into table runners and matching napkins. Don't you wish you had a table runner and matching napkins out of this fabric?! (Sarah Simons out there anywhere? Didn't I give you one when you got married?)

Okay so there was too much to throw out (and who would want to anyway!).  But not enough left to make another set of napkins. Into a box it went for 8ish years. But now we are putting it to work. What should it turn into now?

A super cute child's top: 
Do you like it? 

And there were still  left overs, so why not make a hair flower accessory to match?
And there are still  left overs . . .
So my little Kate can have a little skirt and another hair flower. 
(It will probably fit her come December or January. Great timing, I know. Maybe it will be a gift for her cousin instead.)

So I barely kept Rule #3. I had to buy a zipper to go in the back of the shirt, but I had a coupon so that was $1.70 and then there were the hair clips and elastic in the skirt. Do I have to count tax?

Finally the left overs really are just scraps and I can throw them out. Woohoo!
One project down, a few thousand to go :)

Don't forget, this top is now for sale on Etsy! Wouldn't your little girl or granddaughter or friend's granddaughter look adorable in it?


  1. I am so excited to follow you and your projects. The skirt would be adorable on your girl, just put some fun warm tights on underneath!

  2. I think you are insane, Natalie! God love ya, though, and so do I =)

  3. Good luck!! That looks like so much fun :)