Monday, January 14, 2013

Dust Ruffles are Still Ruffled

The Dust Ruffles are still ruffly, even some 15 years later. My mum made dust ruffles and pillow shams for my cousins and she sent the fabric through a her ruffler to make them very full and and very girly. I've been bugging my aunt to find a picture of them, so hopefully I can add that soon.
 You can see she used her overcast seger to finish all the edges with fantastic bright pink. Most of the left over yardage was ruffled and edged with that awesome pink, plus about a yard of the original fabric.
So I came up with this blouse:

 And here is the blouse with and smaller sized dress and a skirt besides: 
(sorry bad lighting with all this cloudy weather)

I think I like it better as clothes than as a bedding. We'll see what my Kate thinks in 3 years when she fits into that little dress :) Hope she likes it too!

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Alright, so I know I'm suppose to have one project a week, does this count as 3 projects so I'm not so far behind?  I've got several more (almost) ready and (not quite) waiting. They are going to be great so be sure to check them out at my Etsy Shop!

Happy New Year!

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